Living Deeply

Living Deeply

Written by Ekras Gorakh

The name “Yoga of Living Deeply” comes from a couplet by a 15th century Hindu mystic, Kabir Das. The true treasures of life that we seek all around us are available to us deep within, if only we are fearless enough to live deeply.

Kabir wrote,
जिन खोजा तिन पाइयाँ गहरे पानी पैंठ
मैं बौरी डूबन डरी रही किनारे बैठ

What all I seek, I find, deep inside;
But I, a coward afraid of drowning,
Just sat by the shore

The Yoga of Living Deeply is a lifestyle that’s outwardly quite familiar, but with much more depth inside. More depth in our engagement with work, more depth in our engagement with our selves, and mode depth in our engagement with this Universe of infinite spacetime.

About the author


Ekras Gorakh

Ekras Gorakh is a software executive and a yoga-meditation teacher living in San Francisco, CA.

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