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Path to Liberation- Vipassana ( observation of reality as it is)

Nina Ram
Written by Nina Ram

We are not the body. We are not the breath. We are not the mind. It is so easy to say and hear these truths but very very hard to realize.

How can we not be conscious of this body when we are in this body. If we are aware of this body, we are aware of things that make up this world. Then where is the liberation from this world?

Liberation – the final aim of spirituality and our human life.

Vipassana though seems very simple but is a very profound practice. The awareness of sensations and breath; helps our consciousness disentangle ourselves moment to moment; from this mind-body complex.

The more our consciousness becomes free from ourselves; the less we hold objects of the world in our consciousness.
As things of the world drop away naturally, freedom keeps unfolding naturally.

Path to liberation breath by breath, moment to moment.

( Vipassana means observing ~ observing the reality as it is moment to moment and not as we would like to visualize or think or want it to be.)

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Nina Ram

Nina Ram

E-RYT Registered Yoga Teacher I Certified in Integrative Health; Herbal Medicines; Ayurveda; Vipassana(Mindfulness)
MBA I Engineer I
Sharing here simple joys of nature and nurture.

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