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Resolve to Meditate– Resolve to Do

Written by Ekras Gorakh

New year resolutions are made of good intentions, just like the road to hell.

Over fifteen years ago I resolved to get into golf with the enthusiasm of a honeybee in spring. I signed up for classes, bought the entire kit, shoes, gloves and all, and watched the masters play. Sadly, my game remained only a theoretical possibility. I just didn’t go out to play, not once after the initial classes. Inevitably, the shoes I threw out in a couple of years, and the kit was in my garage up until a couple of years ago. My resolutions to meditate, yoga, start a company and to work with more discipline…these worked for me because I worked for them. That’s a fair exchange. If you don’t actually do anything, the fanciest stuff and knowledge is useless. 

Just make one resolution. Resolve to Do. You could collect a lot of stuff and never do anything, or you can do a lot, and not collect anything.

MEDITATE: If your resolution is to learn to meditate, don’t collect stuff. Don’t collect new techniques. Don’t read up the biographies of old masters. Don’t buy those fancy gadgets, gear or gurus. Don’t, just don’t, find ways to delay sitting for meditation. Everything you collect, you will have to let go.

you could collect a lot of stuff and not do anything, or you can do a lot and not collect anything

When you drive on the road in the night, your car lights just show enough for you to keep driving. The entire path doesn’t need to be illuminated for you to find your way. When you get there, there will be help. There will be light. You’ll get all the way to the destination.

Don’t wait, don’t plan, don’t collect stuff. Resolve to do.

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Ekras Gorakh

Ekras Gorakh is a software executive and a yoga-meditation teacher living in San Francisco, CA.

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