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Work Without Distractions

Written by Ekras Gorakh

Too distracted to work on things that really matter?

Like a caffeinated insomniac monkey on a sugar rush, our mind jumps from task to task, finishing very little but breaking a few things along the way. That’s no way to work, and you know it. Let’s talk down that monkey without turning into a monk. Learning to work without distractions is simply a matter of deprogramming ourselves from this training of constant stimulation, searching, multi-tabbing and instant responses.

You’re invited to a three-hour workshop with Gaurav Rastogi on how to work at your peak. In this workshop, we will learn how to reach an undistracted state of mind through a guided meditation, and will work for ninety minutes in that state. You could bring along a long-term project, a proposal or a presentation that you need to work on but haven’t found the mind-space. We’ll also discuss meditation at work and how to build habits to stay productive.

Gaurav Rastogi runs a software company and is also a yoga-meditation teacher. With over two decades of practice at both, Gaurav has converted ancient meditation techniques into modern practices that we can all include in our lifestyle. The techniques are proven over thousands of years but, like the annual flu-vaccine, there’s always a need to update the practices to match the source of our dis-ease. This workshop is one such example.

To sign-up for the workshop, please send an email to

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Ekras Gorakh

Ekras Gorakh is a software executive and a yoga-meditation teacher living in San Francisco, CA.

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