Living Meditations

Yoga of Living Deeply Meditations Podcast

Written by Ekras Gorakh

Living meditations that you can use in everyday situations. Based on the ancient text, Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

Living Meditations by Ekras Gorakh and Nina

Ekras (Sanskrit एकरस्) is a Sanskrit word for the unchanging Absolute. Everything in the world changes, arising and passing away, but there is something behind all this that never changes. What is this essence that doesn’t change, and how do we discover the mystery?

Living Meditations are age-old wisdom that we can practice in our lives today. They are based on the ancient text of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra that lists techniques to discover the true nature of this wonder-filled universe. These techniques are simple, pure and practical. The practice requires no theory, no beliefs and no tools or tricks. Sugar is sweet no matter what your education or cultural background may be— but you have to taste it yourself first. These meditations are a way to taste the inner mysteries.

[Ekras Gorakh says] These meditations have revealed themselves to me in my own experiments and experiences over two decades while still living the busy life of a student, husband, parent and executive. The world is here to be lived in, not escaped from. We can all learn to live in this world and still enjoy the unfolding discovery of its’ deeper mysteries. That is what these meditations are about. Ancient techniques are crafted to fit into busy modern lifestyles. Everyday situations are triggers to remind us to meditate.

Each meditation is complete in itself, bringing us the gift of relaxed awareness. Think of these as a “reset” button that restores our spirit to it’s original state. In time, direct contact with our innermost nature showers us with bliss that’s not derived from whatever’s happening outside.

Let’s discover the mystery within.

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Ekras Gorakh

Ekras Gorakh is a software executive and a yoga-meditation teacher living in San Francisco, CA.

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